Thoughts on Toxic Masculinity

Every couple of weeks it seems something happens which triggers certain corners of the the internet to erupt into dialogs and discourses about men, manliness, masculinity, gender, and, often times, toxic masculinity. Like that time Harry Styles wore a dress and the internet melted into chaos, and like that other time Billy Porter got mad […]

The Haunting of the Iron Ram (Part 3)

Allen panicked and fell to the ground, his breath caught in his throat, scurrying backwards on his hands and backside, trying to escape the approaching shadow. The shadow man was a solid body of black with a hazy, smoky outline, his laser-like, blue eyes were eerie and nightmarish. The only thing of the shadow man […]

The Haunting of the Iron Ram (part 2)

Allen frantically searched his pockets for his car keys, grabbing his briefcase from the bar, knocking over Kurt’s files in a flutter of paper as he hurried out the door. He got in his car and turned the key, but the engine didn’t start. The car made no noise, it was completely dead. Frustrated, Allen […]

The Haunting of the Iron Ram (part 1)

Allen Mills turned off the highway and down the gravel road in his black sports car, the sunlight through the gray, autumn clouds made the car shin like a pool of ink. He was a silver haired man, sharply dressed, handsome, fit, and clean shaven, his grin was wide, straight toothed, bright white, and confident. […]

Exploring the Rainbow Fire

In a previous post I explained my first(ish) experience with the Rainbow Fire in depth, but recently I had another encounter with it. This time shedding light on its further uses as a shamanic tool. During meditation recently I was drawn to call upon the Rainbow Fire, and sitting receptively I intuitively did the following: I […]

Stones for Sexuality and Sexual Healing.

Sex is an interesting thing. What I have learned from being gay is how sex and sexuality are so present in everyone’s day to day life. It influences how we communicate to people and how we see the world. I have been working with rocks and stones for magic and medicine for over a decade. […]

Movies and Gay Ramblings

“Gay men are the guardians of the masculine impulse. To have anonymous sex in a dark alleyway is to pay homage to the dream of male freedom. The unknown stranger is a wandering pagan god. The altar, as in pre-history, is anywhere you kneel.” – Camille Paglia   I’ve always liked this quote, more for […]

Unicorns Notwithstanding

Today was free Reiki day at one of the spiritual shops I frequent. I’m one of three core practitioners who volunteer to give quick free Reiki treatments to any customers willing or wanting. One of the things I do in my shamanic and witchcraft practices – and something that overlaps heavily into my Reiki practice […]